How to Block Someone on Coin Master: An Easy Guide

Are you tired of constantly being attacked by aggressive raiders in Coin Master? Do you wish there was a way to block someone and protect your progress? Look no further! In this easy guide, we will walk you through the steps of How to Block Someone on Coin Master and prevent constant attacks.

We will also show you how to disconnect attackers from your Facebook friends and implement Ghost Mode for enhanced privacy. But what happens after you block someone? Can they still view your profile? And is it possible to unblock a previously blocked player? We’ll answer all these questions and more, so you can enjoy your Coin Master experience without any interruptions.

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Understanding the Need to Block Someone in Coin Master

Blocking someone in Coin Master serves various purposes. Firstly, it helps protect your progress by preventing others from sabotaging your game or stealing resources. Secondly, it allows you to avoid unwanted interactions and offensive messages from fellow players, ensuring a more pleasant gaming experience. Furthermore, blocking disruptive players promotes fair gameplay and helps maintain a sense of control over your gaming environment. Lastly, blocking someone safeguards your privacy by preventing them from accessing personal information or contacting you outside the game. Take charge of your gaming experience with the ability to block unwanted individuals.

Reasons for Blocking Other Players

Blocking other players in Coin Master serves multiple purposes. It helps safeguard your resources and prevents unwanted attacks, ensuring that your hard-earned coins and spins are safe. Additionally, it allows you to block individuals who constantly annoy or harass you in the game, creating a more enjoyable and peaceful gaming experience. By utilizing the blocking feature, you can maintain a positive and stress-free environment while playing Coin Master.

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How to Prevent Constant Attacks from Aggressive Raiders

To prevent constant attacks from aggressive raiders in Coin Master and to safeguard your village from getting damaged, it is important to understand the game mechanics and raiding dynamics. Maintain a stockpile of coins and spins, including coin master free spins, to protect yourself. Utilize shields to further safeguard your village. The “Block” feature allows you to prevent specific players, including those who constantly target your village, from attacking you. Joining a strong clan provides added protection and support. Strategic gameplay can also minimize vulnerability to attacks.

Using Rhino and Shields for Defense

Using the Rhino pet in Coin Master can protect your village from raiders, increasing your chances of successful defense at the village level. Shields are an effective tool to prevent constant attacks and safeguard your coins and resources. Combining the strategic use of shields with the Rhino pet creates a strong defense strategy against aggressive raiders at the village level. This formidable defense strategy can help you defend your village and maintain your Coin Master account.

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Disconnecting Attackers from Your Facebook Friends

Blocking someone on Coin Master is an important step to protect your progress and resources. Not only does it prevent unwanted attacks, but it also disconnects the blocked player from your Facebook friend list. By blocking and reporting suspicious or malicious players, you can maintain a safe gaming experience. Implementing this strategy is the best thing to do to safeguard your Coin Master account from enemy attacks.

Implementing Ghost Mode for Enhanced Privacy

Ghost mode is a valuable feature in Coin Master that allows players to block and hide their activity from specific individuals. By blocking someone on Coin Master, you prevent them from sending spins or raiding your village. To implement ghost mode, open the game and go to the menu, then tap on “Friends” and find the person you want to block. Finally, tap on their name.

Steps to Activate Ghost Mode

To activate Ghost Mode in Coin Master, tap on the menu icon located in the top right corner of the game screen. From the menu, select “Settings” and then “Privacy.” Toggle the Ghost Mode switch to the “On” position. Once activated, your activity will be hidden from other players, and you won’t appear on their friends list or leaderboards. Enjoy enhanced privacy and peace of mind while playing Coin Master.

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The Aftermath of Blocking Someone in Coin Master

Blocking someone on Coin Master prevents them from sending you in-game requests or messages, safeguarding your privacy and preventing unwanted interactions. Additionally, after blocking someone, they are no longer able to attack or raid your village in the game. It’s important to note that blocking someone does not impact your gameplay or progress in Coin Master, and it does not require you to link your Facebook account. By knowing how to block someone in Coin Master, you can maintain a positive gaming experience.

Can the Blocked Player Still View Your Profile?

When you block someone on Coin Master, they are unable to view your profile. Blocking prevents them from seeing your progress, attacking your village, or sending you requests. The blocked player won’t receive any notifications or updates about your gameplay. Keep in mind that blocking is irreversible, so consider it carefully.

Is it Possible to Unblock a Previously Blocked Player in Coin Master?

No, it is not possible to unblock a player once they have been blocked in Coin Master. Blocking a player permanently prevents them from interacting with you in the game, allowing you to control your gaming experience and avoid unwanted interactions.

What Happens When You Block Someone in Coin Master?

When you block a player in Coin Master, they lose the ability to attack or raid your village. Additionally, you won’t receive any game requests or messages from them. While their profile and progress remain visible to you, interaction is restricted. Blocking can be reversed if desired.

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How To Block Someone On Coin Master: FAQs


Will the person I block be notified?

When you block someone on Coin Master, they will not be notified. Blocking prevents them from sending requests or interacting with you in the game. They can no longer attack your village or steal your coins. Blocking maintains a positive gaming experience and avoids unwanted interactions.

Can I unblock someone after blocking them on Coin Master?

Unfortunately, there is no option to unblock someone after blocking them on Coin Master. Blocking is a permanent action, so be sure to double-check before selecting the block option. If you want to continue playing with someone you previously blocked, creating a new account may be necessary.

What happens when I block someone on Coin Master?

When you block a player on Coin Master, they lose the ability to attack or raid your village. They won’t be able to send you messages or interact with you in the game. Additionally, they won’t be able to see your village or participate in any of your events. However, their previous progress and damage remain unchanged.


Blocking someone in Coin Master is a useful feature to maintain your gaming experience. It helps prevent constant attacks from aggressive raiders and ensures enhanced privacy. By using strategies like Rhino and Shields for defense and activating Ghost Mode, you can protect yourself from unwanted interactions.

However, it’s important to understand the aftermath of blocking someone. While the blocked player cannot view your profile or interact with you in the game, it is not possible to unblock them once blocked. Blocking someone allows you to have control over your gaming environment and enjoy Coin Master without any disruptions. So, take advantage of this feature and create a positive gaming experience for yourself.

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