How to Hatch Tiger in Coin Master Game

Are you a Coin Master player who is struggling to hatch a tiger pet? Fear not, we have got you covered. In this blog, we will be discussing everything about pets in Coin Master and specifically How to Hatch Tiger in Coin Master Game.

Tigers are known for their unique abilities that can help you win big rewards and progress faster in the game. We will take you through a step-by-step guide on how to hatch your very own tiger pet and make the most of its abilities.

Not only that, but we will also share tips on upgrading your pet, activating it, and using it alongside other pets for maximum benefits. So sit tight and let’s dive into the world of Coin Master pets!

Understanding Pets in Coin Master

Pets in Coin Master play a crucial role in helping players progress through the game and win more coins. They can be obtained through various methods and come in different types, each with its own unique abilities. One popular pet is the tiger, which can be hatched by following certain tips and using pet food. The tiger’s ability to attack other players and protect your village makes it a valuable asset in your creatures card collection. By upgrading and utilizing pets effectively, players can maximize their winnings and experience points, including the ability to place a maximum bet.

The Role of Tiger in the Game

As a player of Coin Master, I’ve come to understand the importance of the Tiger pet. Alongside other pets, the Tiger helps me earn more coins and rewards.

What makes the Tiger special is its ability to increase the number of coins I earn during raids. To hatch a Tiger, I need to collect 20 Tiger eggs by completing card sets or purchasing them with game currency.

Once hatched, I can level up my Tiger by feeding it treats, maximizing its effectiveness in earning coins at max level. Strategically choosing the right pet for each gameplay situation is vital to maximizing my earnings in the game.

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The Process of Hatching a Pet

To hatch my first pet in Coin Master, I collect pet food from spinning the slot machine. Feeding the pet food to the pet egg increases its growth level.

Once the pet reaches its maximum growth level, it hatches from the egg. I can repeat this process to collect and hatch more pets in the game. Additionally, I follow tips to increase my chances of hatching rare pets.

Detailed Steps to Hatch Tiger

To hatch the best pet, a tiger, in Coin Master, I first collect all the cards in the tiger set, including the beast card collection.

Once I have collected all the cards, I go to the pets section and select the tiger. Then, I click on the “hatch” button to start the hatching process. To complete the hatching process, I need a certain number of pet food. Once the hatching is complete, my tiger is ready to use in the game.

Making the Most of Your Pets

Pets play a crucial role in the Coin Master game, helping you progress and earn rewards. One of the most sought-after pets is the tiger, which can be hatched by collecting cards and completing complete card sets.

To maximize the benefits of your pets, remember to feed them and strategically use them in raids and attacks. Keep an eye out for special events and promotions that offer rare or powerful buffs for your pets. Taking care of your pets by keeping them happy and healthy will result in valuable bonuses.

Tiger and Its Unique Abilities

As a Coin Master player, I’ve discovered that the Tiger pet is a valuable asset in the game, especially in higher villages. Not only can it help me earn more coins by digging up hidden treasure chests, but it also increases my attack power during raids.

To hatch a Tiger, I collect 20 Tiger cards and make sure to upgrade it for maximum abilities. With its unique capabilities, the Tiger plays a crucial role in my journey to become the ultimate Coin Master.

Upgrading Your Pets for Better Performance

Upgrading my pets is essential for achieving better performance in Coin Master, especially during big raids. Pets play a crucial role in the game, offering various benefits.

To hatch a tiger, I collect 20 Tiger cards and then focus on upgrading it for increased raid performance. It’s important to use different pets strategically in different situations to maximize their benefits. By upgrading my pets, I can advance in the game and win more rewards.

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Tips for Upgrading Tiger

As a Coin Master player, I know how valuable a new pet like a Tiger can be in the game. It’s one of the most popular pets, and upgrading it can greatly enhance your gameplay.

To upgrade Tiger, focus on collecting cards and completing sets to earn rewards. Use your coins wisely to buy more chests and get more cards specifically for Tiger. By upgrading Tiger, not only will its attack power increase, but you’ll also enjoy increased coin bonuses.

Don’t forget to regularly feed your pet to keep it in top condition for battles. If you’re looking for a more sustainable and eco-friendly option, consider switching to green pet food for your furry friend’s nutrition needs.

Activating Your Pets: An Essential Step

Activating pets in Coin Master is crucial for maximizing your gameplay experience. Obtaining the Tiger pet through card sets or events offers numerous benefits, including increased attack power and coin rewards.

To make the most of the Tiger’s potential, it’s advisable to wait for a raid or strategically use it against tough opponents. Additionally, consider activating other pets from the pets section to enhance your gameplay further and increase your chances of attack madness. Enabling notification for events and pet upgrades can also help you stay on top of your game.

How to Activate Tiger in Coin Master?

To activate the Tiger in Coin Master, collect all the cards in the Tiger collection. Once you have them, go to your card collection and click on the Tiger card. Activate it to enjoy its benefits during raids, as it increases the number of coins you can earn.

Getting Free Tiger Daily: Is It Possible?

Getting a free tiger in Coin Master on a daily basis is not possible. The only way to obtain a tiger is by hatching it from a golden egg, which can be acquired through events, completing card sets, or purchasing with real money. Keep spinning the slot machine and collecting coins to increase your chances of getting a golden egg.

Utilizing Tiger for Best Results in the Game

When it comes to maximizing your potential in the Coin Master game, utilizing the Tiger card and its unique tiger’s ability is key.

As a rare and valuable card, the Tiger can significantly increase your attack power, giving you an edge during battles. To hatch a Tiger, you’ll need to collect all the cards from the Tiger set. Once you have one, strategically use it during attacks to increase your chances of success.

Tigers are just one of the many precious items you can collect in the game. You can also trade Tigers with other players to complete your collection or acquire other valuable cards. Daily free spins and card trading events are excellent opportunities to obtain more Tigers and other rare cards.

How Does Tiger Compare to Foxy and Rhino?

Tiger, Foxy, and Rhino are three different cards in Coin Master. While Tiger provides bonus coins and increased attacks, Foxy increases the chances of getting more coins from raids, and Rhino protects your village with a shield. Each card has unique benefits, and having all three can give you a strategic advantage.

Can Multiple Pets Be Used Together in Coin Master?

Yes, you can use multiple pets together in Coin Master. Each pet has its own unique ability that helps you win extra coins and spins. Experiment with different pet combinations to find the best strategy for maximizing your rewards, including during the viking quest stages.


How to Hatch Tiger in Coin Master: FAQs


How does having a tiger as a pet benefit the player in Coin Master game?

Having a tiger as a pet in Coin Master game offers bonus rewards and benefits. It helps players earn more coins and attack other villages. Tigers can be upgraded to enhance their effectiveness, and collecting all three types unlocks special rewards.

What is the process of hatching a tiger in Coin Master game?

To hatch a tiger in Coin Master, collect 20 tiger tokens by opening chests and completing card sets. Then, go to the pets section and tap “Hatch” on the tiger egg. The tiger will be hatched and added to your collection.

Are there any other rare pets that can be hatched in Coin Master game?

Yes, there are other rare pets in Coin Master game. Rhino, Foxy, and Pet Snack are some examples. These pets have unique abilities that help players progress faster. They can be obtained through special eggs or events and challenges.


To hatch a Tiger in Coin Master, follow these detailed steps. First, make sure you have enough Pet Food to feed the pet once it hatches. To start the hatching process, go to the Pets menu and tap on the “Hatch” button next to the Tiger. Then, you will see an animation of the egg cracking open and the Tiger emerging.

Once hatched, don’t forget to feed your Tiger regularly to keep its Happiness level high. Upgrade your Tiger by collecting duplicate cards and using them to increase its level.

Activating your Tiger is essential to benefit from its unique abilities in the game. And remember, while daily free Tigers are not available, you can utilize your Tiger strategically to maximize your rewards and progress in the game.

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